Treasures of the Reformation

Using pieces from “Martin Luther: Art and the Reformation” the Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison, president of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, teaches interesting and important facts about the Reformation. The 500th anniversary of the Reformation provides an excellent opportunity to recall and learn the importance of Luther’s teachings on the truth of God’s love for people by grace alone, by faith alone, by Scripture alone, through Christ alone. Scripture changes the one who studies it. The Law and the Gospel are the two great teachings of the Bible. It is the Gospel alone that saves — the good news that Jesus died for you.

Special Presentation by Noted Author and Creation Scientist Jerry Bergman


Join us Sunday October 22 at 9:15 am as Dr. Jerry Bergman, noted author and creation scientist, discusses key creation-evolution issues during the Sunday school hour at Zion Lutheran, Bridgeville. There will be time for audience questions following the talk. Topics include:

  • What have we learned about the so-called “vestigial organs” from our alleged evolutionary past? (tonsils, appendix, etc.)
  • Do transitional fossils really prove evolution?

Dr. Bergman’s talk will be non-technical, and relevant for adults, as well as high-school students, who are being taught the principles of evolution in their public high schools. Dr. Bergman will also be speaking at two events the same week in the Pittsburgh area spon-sored by the Creation Science Fellowship of Pittsburgh.

Jerry Bergman, Ph. D. Author, Professor & Creationist Speaker
Dr. Bergman has taught biology, genetics, geochemistry and other subjects at U of Toledo Medical College and Bowling Green U over the last 47 years. He has more than 600 publications in 14 languages, more than 40 books in print, and has been a courageous defender of academic freedom for the past 40 years.

Stephen Ministry


Stephen Ministers are here to help
Everyone goes through difficult and challenging times, but no one should have to go through
them alone.

Trained Stephen Ministers meet with you, the care receiver. They will listen and help you
work through situations in life and process them in a Biblical, caring and confidential

Stephen Ministers help in lots of situations. Some examples of struggling through a difficult
time in life include: experiencing grief, divorce or separation, job loss or difficulty at work,
chronic or terminal illness, loneliness, disability, elderly parent care, hospitalization, health
issues, discouragement, discerning life direction, or some other life crisis.

Request a Stephen Minister
If you, or someone you know, could benefit from this kind of one-on-one care, please request
a Stephen Minister. A Stephen Leader will contact you to talk and answer any questions you
may have.

To contact a Stephen Leader or to learn how to become a Stephen Minister, please email

Our mission at Zion
To serve God by sharing each other’s burdens through the love of Jesus Christ.