Vicar's Book of the Month

Well it is time for the last "Vicar's Book of the Month". I spent a good long time thinking about what the last book I recommend should be. I wanted something theological yet simple, some-thing historical, something practical. So I picked Luther's "A Simple Way to Pray". Luther wrote this little pamphlet (it is only 32 pages!) in response to his friend's request for prac-tical advice about prayer. Luther posits the I.T.C.P method for looking at a Scripture passage or piece of the catechism so that you can pray that passage or catechism portion. This stands for "Instruction, Thanksgiving, Confession, and Prayer". In this book he explains the method and gives examples of how to use it. The one sen-tence version is this: When you look at a text of Scripture, ask "What Instruction does this text give me?", "What do I have to give Thanks for on the basis of this text?", "What do I have to Confess on the basis of this text?", and then form a Prayer on the basis of the text. I hope you enjoy this wonderful book!

Link: Also available on Amazon for Kindle and in print

What is the “Prayer of the Church”? (part 2 of 22)


What is the “Prayer of the Church”?
The Prayer of the Church (or the “Prayers”) is the time of the service when the pastor leads the congregation in a series of petitions, or prayers. Each prayer is introduced by a “bid,” an invitation to the congregation to join in each of these prayers. The bid is not part of the prayer, but it gathers the congregation’s thoughts together and directs them toward the specific petitions and thanksgivings that we are about to pray.

Why is this so important?
Do you know anyone who needs God’s care? During the Prayers, we pray for all the people of our congregation, particularly those who are sick and shut-in. We also pray for our government, for all believers and many others. No wonder it is called the Prayer of the Church!

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Before the Divine Service, remind your children to pay close attention to the words of the prayers. Encourage them to concentrate along with the rest of the congregation. Try using bids in your family prayers.

Sunday School News

Mighty Fortress VBS was a tremendous success! 117 children and 40 volunteers got together and learned about how Jesus won the victory over sin, death and Satan – and through Jesus we are given that same victory! We studied the Old Testament stories of Jericho, King Hezeki-ah and King Josiah. We learned about Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey on Palm Sun-day. We talked about how Jesus will one day come back and give us the Crown of Life, which is eternal life, a life without sin, trouble or hurt.

A numerous amount of donations was collected for 1st Trinity Homeless Ministry. We also collected $515.25 for God’s Mighty Word, a project that provides books and Bibles for children in America so they can learn about Jesus.
Visit Zion’s website for VBS photos:

Sunday school sessions have ended for the summer months and will resume again in September!