Martin Luther Hymn Festival


“Dear Christians, One and All  Rejoice”
a Martin Luther Hymn Festival

Sunday, April 29, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.
at Heinz Chapel, University of Pittsburgh
All are invited to continue the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation through Luther’s hymns and music. Congregations from across the three major Lutheran denominations — LCMS, ELCA, and NALC — have been invited.

NEW! Ladies Book Club

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 12.23.27 PM.png

Ladies Book Club
Join the ladies of Zion as we start a book club. We will be reading Christian Women’s Books. Meeting once a month during the summer. Our first meeting will be on Tuesday June 12th. Our first book will be “Kitty, My Rib: The Heartwarming Story of a Woman of Courage & Devotion" (Biography of Katherine Luther) 

Kitty, My Rib: The Heartwarming Story of a Woman of Courage and Devotion
Katherine Luther or "Kitty" was the woman behind the great man Martin Luther. Kitty mellowed Luther's harsher side, kept the household from bankruptcy despite her husband's generosity and enhanced his life with the joys and fullness of family living.

$13.99 on Amazon for the paperback, $9.99 for the Kindle

Look for more details to come.
There is a signup sheet in the back of the Church (Narthex).

News from Pastor Wokoma (LCMS Missionary)


To You, My Beloved Supporters,

Greetings in the Name of our Risen Lord!
Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed! It’s not an April fool’s joke, it is REAL/FACT! Alleluia!

A Prayer for you on this Victorious Day: Lord Jesus, we no longer see You in disgrace and humility because of our sins, but in exaltation and glory for our justification. Take us from the grave of sin, doubt, sorrow, weakness, calam-ity, temporal and spiritual misery, and let us share in Your victory, life, joy, power, and glory. Bring that about especially for these my faithful supporters. Amen!

We thank God our most recent visiting professor, Pr. Steve Briel from Cor-coran, MN. Pr. Briel taught a total of 123 credit hours, 63 credit hours for Hebrew Language, 30 credit hours for God and Creation, and 30 credit hours for The Book of Genesis. Genesis was taught in Hebrew. How great that the students were able to learn Genesis in the language that God spoke to Moses, the language of the Prophets! The students greatly en-joyed him and everything they learned.

Pr. Steve Briel also preached weekly at mid-week chapel services, and he preached every Sunday in the villag-es, except the Sunday he traveled back. We thank the Lord for his energy. May the Lord replenish him al-ways! Amen!

Pray that the impact he has made on the students will continue to grow, especially in the area of exegetical work so they put to use what they have learned. Some of them have now expressed interest in specializing in exegetical work in the Old Testament.

The entrance exams for the upcoming academic year have recently taken place (March 16-17, 2018). Alt-hough 80% of the individuals who took the examination passed, only 47 students will be selected for admis-sion due to a lack of dormitory space, and also the unexpected and drastic reduction in financial support from the LCMS Office of International Mission.


  1. The Seminary choir is hoping to have an audio CD recorded after the Easter break for use as a fund-raiser to raise money to support the Seminary, especially during this current financial crisis.
  2. School resumption will be April 6, the first weekend of April, 2018.


  1. Pray the Lord protect the students in their journeys during Easter break and bring them back safely.
  2. Pray that the seminary renovation project will come to completion this year.

May our Risen and Victorious Lord continue to keep you in the Shadow of His Wings as you continue to journey with me in this mission field. Amen.

Sincerely in-Christ,
Fr. Wokoma - (LCMS: Missionary in Africa).
1 Tim. 1:15