Lutheran Island Camp and Retreat Center

June 25 - July 1
Open to Junior
High School through High School. 

Adult chaperones and drivers needed too! Our first mission trip in decades. For a week we’ll be helping to renovate Lutheran Island Camp in northern Minnesota and working with the residents of the town nearby, sharing Christ and making a difference. Cost? Less than $300, transportation included!

Looking for a way to serve the Lord, grow in your faith, be taken out of your comfort zone and develop lifelong friendships with people from church and a town in Minnesota you’ve never heard of? Then we have the trip for you! We’ll be driving (yes, driving) to Minnesota, to Lutheran Island Camp, stopping in Chicago for an overnight and worship the next morning. We’ll arrive at Lutheran Island Camp the afternoon of the 26th and begin out work on the 27th! Following a week of work (including renovating different areas of the camp along with other like-minded-and-purposed groups), outreach (to people in the community and serving at a nursing home), worship (including outdoor devotions at the “point” at night), and plenty of time to relax on the beach, take out a kayak, do the challenge course, or play some basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, or any number of things a large, outdoor-based camp has to offer! And the cost? Very, very reasonable!

Junior High through Adult, there’s a place for YOU at the LIMiT!

Lutheran Island MIssion Trip
It’s been a while since Zion Lutheran Church has done a trip like this. So we want our first Mission Trip/Service Project to be one you won’t ever forget! Combining service, worship, fellowship, outdoor activities, and the Great American Road Trip, LIMiT will not only give you a chance to serve in a new and exciting way, but let you do it while having fun and in such a way that you will SEE the difference you have made.

Who’s LIMiT for?
Lutheran Island Camp is quite a ways away from the South Hills of the greater Pittsburgh area. Therefore, we do not recommend anyone under High School age (9th grade) attend this trip without an adult present. Junior High youth (7-8th grade) may attend the trip after speaking with the Pastor. Those under 7th grade may attend if accompanied by an adult. And yes, you can bring your friends!

We also need all kinds of adults!
Adults who want to work. Adults who want to hold up the hands of those who work. Adults with kids (there’ll be plenty for the wee-ones to do at camp too). There’s a place for everyone at the LIMiT!

What to expect.
Lutheran Island Camp is... an island with a driveway to the mainland. There are many outdoor activities to do after the work is done. There will also be many opportunities to refresh spiritually, grow in the faith and worship the Lord!

You’ll want to pack clothes that can get wet and dirty. One nice outfit for worship on Sunday would be a good idea. A Bible, flashlight, several pairs of sneakers, bedding and toiletries will help you get through the week in high style. We’ll be spending a night on the way out to Lutheran Island Camp at Trinity Lutheran Church in Roselle (a suburb of Chicago, 8 hours away). Trinity has close to 1500 people in worship each week. We’ll be there to worship with them before we finish our trek to Lutheran Island Camp (another 9 hours). We’ll drive non-stop back from the Island Camp. So you’ll want to pack things to do for a couple of long road trips.

What to expect. A life-changing experience built around spiritual growth, doing meaningful work for God’s kingdom, and enjoying a part of the country you may have never been to before.

What’s the cost?
That long drive is going to save us lots of money on travel costs! The total cost for the trip (excluding meals on the trip to the camp) is $300. Adult chaperones who drive will have their expenses paid. If money is an issue, please speak to Pastor Duncan. We don’t want money being a prohibitive factor! Hope you (and your friends and family) can make it!

Important Dates
• 4/3, 4/17- Interest Meetings
• 5/22- Commitment Meeting
• 6/1- LIMiT Deposit Due ($150)
• 6/21- LIMiT Balance Due
• 6/25- leave from Zion @ 9:00am
• 6/26- arrive at Lutheran Island Camp (pm)
• 7/1- return by midnight(ish)

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