June Youth Group News

June Youth Group News
As school cools off Youth Heats up! There are many activities happening in June. Please come and bring a friend and enjoy fun and fellowship with our Youth and Vicar!

Genesis Seminar- On June 13th-15th Zion is hosting a Creation Seminar. Our Youth are bombarded with evolution at school and Zion is offering a seminar that will aid our students in better understanding the differences between creation and evolution and what God's Word truly says. This will be a GREAT conference that will have sessions specifically geared towards junior high and senior high youth! PLEASE strongly consider coming to this event, it will be very beneficial!

Summer Movie Nights- This summer Zion is hosting family movie nights outside by the pavilion. We will watch a family friendly movie and have popcorn/snacks available. Continue to look at the newsletter and bulletin for updates.

Summer BBQ- On Sunday, June 29th, the Youth are having a BBQ at Zion and playing games in the field. This will be Vicar's last youth event and he is hoping lots of the youth can come and say good-bye!

Growing in our Faith-Martin Luther once asked his congregation, Do you know more of your Bible this year then you did last year? Do you know more this year then you did two years ago? During these summer months make an effort to grow in your faith! Now that school is out take the opportunity to read your Bible EVERYDAY! When the year is over make sure you know more then you did last year! Make this a summer of growing in your relationship with Christ!

May you have a wonderful and faith filled summer,