Zion Lutheran has fellowship, fun, and service events for 7th-12th graders.

 7th and 8th Grade

During the school year, we have Confirmation Instruction on Monday Nights.  6:00 for 7th grade.  7:00 for 8th grade.  At the end of Confirmation Instruction, we will have a retreat for our Confirmands-to-be. 

For those not familiar with Confirmation Instruction, this is a 2-year program designed to teach the basics of the Christian Faith to our children.  At the end of the program, the Confirmands may, if they wish, join the church as a Communicant Member.  We do not believe that being Confirmed is necessary for salvation; rather, it is something the church does in response to Christ’s command to “baptize… and teach all things…”


9th-12th Grade

90% of people who become Christian become a Christian before they are out of High School.  The Church’s ministry to its youth is its most important ministry.  Zion Lutheran Church is excited about its developing youth ministry that provides meaningful opportunities for high school age young adults to grow in their faith and apply their faith through fellowship and service.   From Sunday School to mission trips to fellowship-focused fun activities, Zion Lutheran Church is investing in its future leaders!