VBS 2107 News!

Vacation Bible School is June 19-24

Calling VBS Leaders!!!
Storytelling – involve children in Bible stories
Bible Challenge – help children write Bible verses on their hearts
Crafts – emphasize Bible points in a fun, hands-on way
Games – incorporate Bible learning through energetic movement

Interested in leading one of the above stations?
Please contact Katie Gielarowski: sundayschool@zlcb.org or (724) 713-6523

What's New at VBS this year?

TWO mission projects
Operation: Kid-to-Kid focuses on helping struggling families with basic home repairs so that they have a safe place to live. 
Bring PENNIES on Monday!

Trinity Homeless Ministry
1st Trinity Homeless Ministry focuses on collecting clothing and essential supplies for those who do not have a place to call
Bring SHAMPOO on Monday!

4th – 6th Grade Projects
Older kids will learn how to write letters of encouragement through the gospel to senior residents at Concordia of South
Hills.  A member of Zion will speak about Concordia and answer questions.

Youth Events
Our youth director, Joe, will involve kids in a special interactive and fun-filled learning activity

Zion Lutheran Church VBS is collecting donations for FTHM!

First Trinity Homeless Ministry (FTHM)

FTHM expresses Jesus’ love by providing meals, conversation, prayers and invitations to people experiencing homelessness and marginal housing in the Oakland Area. FTHM also shares the Church’s heart by inviting outside volunteers to see what we are about.

Please help us support First Trinity Lutheran Church in this important outreach ministry by donating the following items during Zion's Vacation Bible School:

MONDAY – Shampoo
TUESDAY – Toothbrushes and toothpaste
WEDNESDAY – Deodorant or antiperspirant
THURSDAY – Adult white socks
FRIDAY – Bar soap (Dove or Irish Spring only)

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Day One: (Monday June 20, 2016)
Jesus Gives Us Hope!
Meet Sal…a salamander who goes through a lot of changes before he can crawl and explore a cave…or even breathe outside of the water!  Salamanders have a lot to look forward to or hope for.  Sal reminds us that…Jesus gives us hope!

Today’s Bible Verse:  “O Lord, you alone are my hope.”  ~Psalm 71: 5
Today’s Snack:  Popcorn, Goldfish Crackers, M&M’s
Today’s Donation Request:  Pennies

Day Two: (Tuesday June 21, 2016)
Jesus Gives Us Courage!
Say hello to Mawtha…a beautiful moth!  Moths are kind of like butterflies, but most moths only come out at night or in the evening.  They don’t mind the dark.  Mawtha reminds us that…Jesus gives us courage!

Today’s Bible Verse:  “Take courage.  I am here!”  ~Matthew 14: 27
Today’s Snack:  Grapes, Animal Crackers
Today’s Donation Request:  Nickels

Day Three: (Wednesday June 22, 2016)
Jesus Gives Us Direction!
Give a Hive Five to Radar…a bat who lives in a really, really dark cave!  God gave bats a really cool trick to find their way and find food in the dark.  Bats make little noises then listen to hear how those noises echo off the walls of the cave.  Radar reminds us that…Jesus gives us direction!

Today’s Bible Verse:  “He will show you which path to take.”  ~Proverbs 3: 6
Today’s Snack:  Pretzels, Marshmallows
Today’s Donation Request:  Dimes

Day Four: (Thursday June 23, 2016)
Jesus Gives Us Love!
Please welcome Olivia…a fluffy barn owl with a heart-shaped face.  Hearts are a symbol for love.  Olivia reminds us that…Jesus gives us love!

Today’s Bible Verse:  “We know what real love is because Jesus gave up his life for us.”  ~1 John 3: 16
Today’s Snack:  Yogurt, Goldfish Crackers, Pretzels
Today’s Donation Request:  Quarters

Day Five: (Friday June 24, 2016)
Jesus Gives Us His Power!
Introducing Ray …a glow worm.  God gave glow worms a unique power to glow.  Just like a firefly lights up the night sky, glow worms light up the tops of the caves where they live!  Ray reminds us that…Jesus gives us His power!

Today’s Bible Verse:  “Our great power is from God, not from ourselves.”  ~2 Corinthians 4: 7
Today’s Snack:  Popsicles OR Ice Cream
Today’s Donation Request:  Dollars

Recap of VBS 2015

Recap of VBS 2015
We did it! 125 children and 50 leaders made the trek up Mount Everest – Everest VBS that is! Through amazing Bible stories, Science experiments, Games, Music and Creative Snacks, they experienced how God’s mighty power helps us all conquer big challenges. God provides all we need, offers comfort and healing, has the power to forgive the biggest of sins and love us forever. Money was collected to donate the New Testament written in the Thai language for children in Thailand. $4 = one Bible. We raised $591.25 which was enough to buy 147 New Testament Bibles!

THANK YOU to those who offered support through monetary donations, words of encouragement and prayer. THANK YOU to all volunteers who offered their time and talents by sharing the Gospel to our VBS children and their families.

We are already looking forward to next year….” Cave Quest: Following Jesus, the Light of the World” June 20-24, 2016!!