Bible Books for Ethiopia


There are over 9 million Lutherans and hundreds of Lutheran schools in Ethiopia, but very few Lutheran books have been translated into the Ethiopian language. 

Through the Lutheran Heritage Foundation, the Sunday school children are raising monies that will give an Ethiopian child a Bible storybook in his or her own language. Ethiopian children who receive a Bible storybook get to keep the book, bring it home and share with their families. The books are also used to teach religion class. Every $5 raised goes towards purchasing one book. 

GOAL = $1,000 = 250 books




Sunday School ... June Unit 


After fishing all night, the disciples still caught nothing. A man on the shore tells them to cast their nets on the other side of the boat and they catch a miraculous 153 fish! The man on the shore was Jesus, providing for the disciples needs. He even cooks them breakfast! We can be assured that Jesus provides for our needs through grace, mercy and love. Want to learn more about God’s great love for you? Read 1 John 4: 7-21. 

“…They knew it was the Lord.” ~John 21: 12c

Want to get involved with Sunday school?
Email Katie Gielarowski at

June Station Leaders
Opening Devotions: Katie Gielarowski
Storytelling Station: Katie Gielarowski
Cooking: Megan Pasquini
Games: Linda Kroeger 

Broadmore Field Trip is June 24th during the Sunday school hour. 
Field trip forms are due by June 17th. Visit for more information. 
*June 24th is also the last day of Sunday school until September.

Sunday School: March Unit


March Unit
Esther’s expression of faith looks very different from some of the other heroes in the Bible.  In the midst of a dangerous and incredibly stressful situation, Esther demonstrates her remarkable faith.  With the help of her cousin and the prayers of her people, she is able to gather the courage to take action against injustice, accomplishing God’s will. 

“Hope in the Lord! Be strong! Let your heart take courage!  Hope in the Lord!”  ~ Psalm 27: 14

Want to get involved with Sunday school?
Email Katie Gielarowski

March Station Leaders
Storytelling Station:  Megan Meyer
Games Station: Christine Chilcott
Cooking Station: Carrie Lemonovich
Art Station:  Kara Garrubba

February Mission Month
The Sunday school children sent 34 cards to Zion’s homebound and sick members, assembled 601 bags of love for our U.S. Troops and visited residents at Broadmore!!  May God bless their good and faithful work and may recipients know or come to know the everlasting love of Jesus.

Thank you to everyone who helped this month! 




Operation Stars and Stripes

Operation Stars and Stripes
Last year we sent 510 bags of love to American troops in Afghanistan, Korea and Greenland. Help make our 6th year the BEST EVER!

Each February, Zion’s Sunday school children choose a project that reaches out to the local community and beyond. This year the Sunday school has chosen to collect items for our troops overseas through the non-profit organization, Operation: Stars and Stripes.

Items will be collected January through mid-February, packaged by the Sunday school children and then shipped to Operation: Stars and Stripes in Atlanta, Georgia where the packages are distributed.

In order to make this project as worth-while as possible, Zion’s Day school has joined our efforts in collecting items desperately needed and greatly appreciated by our troops and their families. We would also like to ask Zion’s congregation members to join us by collecting the following items:

  • Kind Bars of Healthy Grains Cluster Bars
  • Drink Mix Singles (Coffee is a favorite!)
  • Snack sized packages of Jerky or Slim Jim's
  • Snack sized packages of Oreos
  • Chewing Gum
  • Travel-sized Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush (Individually wrapped)
  • Gallon-sized ZipLok bags (used for packaging items)

Other ways to help:

  • We will also be accepting monetary donations to help cover the cost of shipping, which we expect to be rather costly. Please make checks payable to: Zion Lutheran Church Sunday school and put in the memo, “OSS Donation”.
  • Write a THANK YOU note to a soldier. Must be written on provided letterhead.
  • Draw a picture on our Operation: Bag of Love drawing page
  • Pray for our Troops!
  • Help Sunday School kids assemble items on Sunday February 18th at 9:15 a.m.

For more information about Operation: Stars and Stripes, Inc., please visit
their website at

Our Collection is underway!

Sunday School News

Sunday School News

Here are some things you need to know:

  • New this year!  Every family will fill out a registration form, photo consent and make volunteer selections.  Forms are located at the back of the church sanctuary and on the website.  (
  • All children ages 3 and up are eligible for Sunday school classes.


  • All children Preschool through 5th grade will meet on the steps in the church sanctuary for devotions beginning at 9:25 am
  • All children 6th – 8th grade will meet in the conference room beginning at 9:30 am.
  • Young adults 9th -12th grade will meet in adult Bible study in the church basement.

Birthright and Blessings is the theme for September. 
3 volunteers are needed!  To help, send an email to Katie Gielarowski at

Reformation Walk in October! 
Several volunteers are needed to lead special Reformation activities during the Sunday school hour in October.  Activities include teaching about Martin Luther, the meaning of the Reformation, music, cooking, Luther’s Rose, Stained Glass Project, teach some German, Games, etc.

To help, send an email to Katie Gielarowski at

>Download Sunday School Registration
>Download Sunday School Volunteer Form

March Sunday School Unit

When Jesus began his ministry, he called people to follow him. He didn’t call them on the telephone, of course! He called out to them as he was walking by, right where they were. The calls to discipleship did not occur in holy places. This illustrates that God works in all areas of human life. In the midst of our daily work, wherever we are, God calls to us. “Come, follow me.”
Matthew 4: 19

March Station Leaders:
Storytelling Station: Brittany D
Science Station: John L
Cooking Station: Megan F
Art/Games Station: Barb O.

Want to get involved with Sunday school? Email Katie Gielarowski at

Sunday School News for July

Sunday School News for July
The Sunday school children have had a busy year. Here are some of the highlights:


  • “Christmas by the Book” Christmas Program
  • Cards of Love to Zion’s sick and homebound members
  • Collected and assembled 277 Bags of Love for Operation: Stars and Stripes
  • Assembled 125 Swag Bags for welcoming visitors to Zion
  • 2 Field trips to Broadmore Senior Living


New this fall, children will learn about Martin Luther, the Reformation, and the importance of keeping Christ at the center of our lives. Sunday school sessions will resume on September 13th, 2015.

Sunday School Volunteers Needed for October

Sunday School Volunteers Needed for October

Sunday School Volunteer Form for October 5, 12, 19, 26 - “Jeremiah” 

Jeremiah was called to serve God while he was still a boy. Like Jesus, Jeremiah used familiar things to teach about how God wants us to live. People of all ages are called to serve God and live as God wants us to live. 

When you volunteer, you will donate 40 minutes a Sunday for 4 Sundays teach-ing the same lesson! You do not need to be a parent or teacher to lead or help. Lessons are simple to learn and fun to teach! Drop your volunteer form in the Sunday school box located on the bulletin board in the Narthex. 

Questions? Contact Katie Gielarowski at or 724-713-6523. 

>Download the Signup Sheet

Sunday School News for May 2014

May Unit: Breakfast on the Beach
After the Resurrection, the disciples recognized Jesus in familiar places and in familiar activities. We too can experience the hope and love of Jesus in everyday activities such as walking, talking, and eating. Bible Reference: John 21: 1 - 15

Consider leading a Sunday school station in June!! Contact Katie Gielarowski for more information or to volunteer.

Sunday School News

Dear Sunday school Families
The sanctuary improvements are complete and tomorrow we will return to our regular worship schedule! 
We will be finishing our month of missions and outreach by talking about church service, specifically about service within our own church.  Sunday school will meet one more time in the school by 9:25 am.  We will not have donuts during the Sunday school hour, they will be provided in the undercroft as usual.
***Sunday school will NOT be singing at the 10:30 am service tomorrow.
Next week begins our March Unit:  Symbols of Holy Week.  We will meet by 9:25 am in the sanctuary for devotions.  Thank you to our leaders!  We still need helpers for the following:
  • Storytelling - Bethany Schrag
  • Games/Art - Christine Chilcott
  • Science - Kari Gresh
  • Cookery - Andrea Vogel
Vacation Bible School - June 23 - 27
There are only 3 leader positions left.  Please let me know if you'd like to lead one of the following:
  • Opening/Closing Skits
  • Movies and Missions
  • Snacks

-Blessings to you,
Katie Gielarowski

Sunday School News

Sunday School News
February is when we focus on missions and outreach!
We will meet in the school during the 9:15am church hour.  
Check out what we will be doing!
  • February 2nd - Making cards for Zion's shut-in's and those who are sick 
  • February 9th - Operation Bags of Love assembly
  • February 16th - Zion welcome packet assembly and 10:30am song with the Day school 
  • February 23rd - TBD
We will resume with the "Symbols of Holy Week" Unit in March. 
Please consider volunteering!
VBS News

Weird Animals are coming to Zion!
Mark your calendars - June 23 - 27th 

Sunday School Classes Resume this Sunday!

Sunday School Classes Resume this Sunday!
Information about this month's unit can be found in the newsletter.  
Thank you to our volunteers this month:
  • Storytelling - Megan Pasquini
  • Cookery - Andrea Vogel
  • Games/Art - Jennifer Liberatore (Molly Oelschlager-1st Sunday), Christine Chilcott
  • Science - Penney Miller
The kick-off for our Operation: Bags of Love collection also starts this Sunday!!
The Sunday school is assigned to donating chewing gum and drink mix singles. However, please feel free to donate anything else on the list. Bins are located at the back of the church along with form letters and coloring pages for you and your children to use to encourage our troops with uplifting words. Collections will run the whole month of January. 

Blessings to you,
Katie Gielarowski

Sunday School Missions

Sunday School Missions
For the past 2 years, Zion's Sunday school children have dedicated their time and talents in the month of February toward mission outreach.  Their outreach includes:

  • A visit to Country Meadows, reaching out with God’s word through Christmas songs;
  • Homemade cards for Zion’s shut-in’s and members who are ill;
  • Gift bags filled with homemade crafts, brownies and cards donated for Food Bank;
  • Donation, collection and distribution of items for our troops and their families;
  • Sharing the message of God's love through song during a church service.

For 2014, the Sunday school has chosen to continue support for our troops and their families through the non-profit organization called Operation: Stars and Stripes.   We have also chosen to “spruce up” the welcome packets given to those who visit Zion. 

Operation: Stars and Stripes
We hear the good news that many of our troops are slated to come home next year.  Praise God!  But, when that happens, many places where the troops shop for personal items and food will close down.  Those who must stay behind will no longer have somewhere to shop or the distance to get to those places is far too long.  Our troops will need our donations more than ever! 

What our troops desperately desire are snack items and words of encouragement from us.  So, our mission will be to collect specific snack items, putting them into bags, adding God’s love with letters and cards, and shipping them off….Operation:  Bags of Love

Here is how you can help:

  • Zion congregation and/or visitors:
    • Granola/energy bars
    • Gallon-sized and quart-sized Ziplok bags
  • Sunday school and confirmation kids and youth group:
    • Chewing Gum
    • Drink mix singles (Gatorade & Propel are favorites)
  • Zion Day school children and families:
    • Snack sized packages of cookies
    • Snack sized packages of crackers
    • Cereal cupsEveryone:o   Write a letter of encouragement to a soldier.  Must be written on provided letterhead.
  • Everyone:
    o   Write a letter of encouragement to a soldier. Must be written on provided letterhead
    o   Draw a picture on our Operation: Bags of Love Drawing page  
    o   Pray for our troops.  

(Letterhead and drawing pages are available in the Narthex, school lobby and on the Sunday school tab at

Some things to consider:

  • Make sure to mark items “OSS Donation”.
  • Check expiration dates. We will not be shipping the items until the end of February, so make sure that
  • expiration dates extend well beyond then.
  • Ziplok bags are important because items packed are secure and won’t contaminate other packages if they leak.  Also, soldiers can reuse the bags to protect items, such as electronics, from sand or the weather.
  • Check out  for other donation ideas.

Zion Welcome Packets
When a visitor comes through Zion’s doors, they receive a welcome packet that contains information about what Zion members believe, things we do at Zion and a post card to offer/request additional information.  The Sunday school would like to enhance the welcome packet by adding a few additional items.  Some ideas include:  a welcome card from the Sunday school, a pen, Divine chocolate square, Bible verse book mark, and a bag to put it all in.

All Sunday school offerings in the month of January will be used towards the purchase of items for the welcome packets.  The new Welcome Packets will be put together in the month of February.  If you would like to make a monetary donation, please make sure you designate it for “Welcome Packets”.

“Let us love one another….for God is love.  1 John 4: 7-8