Preschool News for January 2017

Believe it, or not, December has come and gone and what a whirlwind of a month it was! We had two Christmas programs, two Christmas shopping days, Chapel and countless classroom Christmas parties. And did I mention….ugly sweater week? I’ve never see so many “beautiful” sweaters in one place…ones that jingled, sparkled and yes, even twinkled, and that was just the staff!

Our Christmas programs were a huge success again this year. We started the program with a Christmas video detailing the events in Luke 2. We waited to process the children down the aisle until after the video. With over 400 people over the course of two nights, and for some the only time they would spend in church during the Christmas season, we wanted to make an impact ….and boy did we ever. The children entered the church and the joyous singing commenced. It was awesome!!

We’ll start the new year getting the children back into a routine which can sometimes be difficult after a long break. We will look forward to visits from the zoo, continuing the Christmas story and lots of winter time fun.

Registration for the 2017/2018 school year (yikes) will start at the end of January. We will be adding an afternoon Stepping Stones class on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday, in addition to our afternoon PreKindergarten and Preschool. That is the last class that we can add to our school…we will be officially “out of space” in both the morning and afternoon….GOD IS GOOD! Please continue to pray that God will continue to guide families to our school and that we can continue our level of excellence both academically and spiritually.

Happy New Year!