April Notes from Preschool

April Notes from Preschool
Happy April! I think Spring is finally here… just take a look in our classrooms and you will be convinced too. The children have been very busy learning all about the changes that Spring brings…budding trees, new growth in the ground, how a caterpillar can turn into a butterfly and of course the death and resurrection of Jesus.

April continues to be exciting and busy. On April 15t and 16nd we will be hosting our annual Moms and Muffins breakfast. This is a time when moms can come to school with their child and enjoy muffins, fruit and beverages and lots of fellowship time with other moms, staff, and the children. We decorate with a Spring theme including flowers that the children planted in February!

We also spent a lot of time learning about the Easter story. I have the pleasure of teaching the chapel lesson this month, and honestly, it is my favorite lesson to teach. I use a set of plastic Easter eggs, each filled with an item that helps tell the story. The children are so excited to see what is in each egg, but will not understand why the last egg is empty, at least, not at first. “Mrs. Tracey….did you forgot to put something in the last egg?” This is what I usually hear when I open the last empty egg. I then explain that the last egg represents the empty tomb on Easter morning…Jesus is alive!!

Registration continues to go very well. We currently have 119 students enrolled for the next school year.

How awesome it is to have the opportunity to teach so many children about the good news of Jesus!

Have a wonderful Easter!

Tracey Harris