May 2013 Notes from Preschool

May 2013 Notes from Preschool
May? How can it be? It never fails to amaze me that time goes by so quickly. Our school year is almost over, but we still have a lot to accomplish this month. We will start our month with a celebration of moms. Mom and Muffins is a time when moms can come to school and have some special time with their child….and of course…muffins. Each child has prepared something special for their mom, but we can’t tell you what it is, it might spoil the surprise. The event will end with some songs we sing in Kids Praise.

Our PreK classes will take a field trip to Reilly’s Strawberry Farm. They will learn how a strawberry grows and even come home with a plant that they can put into their own garden. Who knows….maybe they will grow enough strawberries to make a pie!

We will end our year with our closing programs on Tuesday the 21st and Wednesday the 22nd. Our closing programs will include several songs that we love to sing during Kid’s Praise and a slide show including pictures from the entire school year. They will be held during class time on both days, followed by some fellowship time with some yummy Rita’s Italian Ice.

Our school continues to grow. This years’ enrollment consisted of 91 students. So far, for the 2013/2014 school year, 101 students are enrolled…and it’s only May! I anticipate more registrations during the summer months, so please keep us in your prayers that we can continue to maintain our level of excellence and order with so many wonderful children.

Just one more thing….if you see some new faces in church, especially news faces with small children, please take a minute and introduce yourself. It’s very possible that they are a preschool family. We’ve had a lot of interest in our church from preschool families. What a blessing it is to be able to spread the gospel to the children and have it impact the entire family. Please pray for guidance for these families as they “explore” our church and as they seek to gain knowledge about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Tracey Harris