April 2013 - Notes from Preschool

April 2013 - Notes from Preschool
Happy spring!! What Spring? ... you might ask. I know…the weather has been miserable, snow is still coming down, and the children have been begging to go outside and play on the playground, but if you come into our classrooms Spring is all around! Hopefully Mother Nature will peek in and finally decide to bring the warm weather. March kept us all very busy. In addition to our normal day, we included vision screening and a visit from a dental hygienist who showed the children how to properly brush their teeth. We also spent a lot of time learning about the Easter story. I had the pleasure of teaching the chapel lesson in

March, and honestly, it is my favorite lesson to teach. I used a set of plastic Easter eggs, each filled with an item that helps tell the story. The children were so excited to see what was in each egg, but did not understand why the last egg was empty. “Mrs. Tracey….you forgot to put something in the last egg,” one child said. I explained that the last egg represented the empty tomb on Easter morning…Jesus is alive!! Each child went home with an empty egg including a small piece of paper that said “The empty egg reminds us of the empty tomb. Jesus is Alive!” I asked the children to show their egg to friends and family, and tell them what they learned. The next day one of the students came to me and said “Mrs. Tracey…I told my Pap all about Jesus and the egg”. How wonderful to see and hear the gospel coming from the lips of a child.

Registration continues to go very well. We currently have 97 students enrolled for the next school year, 7 more that we currently have. We are considering opening classes in the afternoon to accommodate more children.

How wonderful it is to have the opportunity to teach so many children about the good news of Jesus!

Have a wonderful Easter!

Tracey Harris