New Preschool and Youth Director – Tracey Harris

New Preschool and Youth Director – Tracey Harris
We are pleased to announce that Tracey Harris as been hired as the new Director of Zion’s Preschool and Assistant Youth Director.  Tracey has over 7 years of experience as a preschool teacher and aide and 2 years in youth ministry.  As the youth leader she organized and participated at the National Youth Gathering, Youth Fundraisers and Local Retreats.  She also has 11 years of business experience as Office Administration Manager, Marketing Communications Representative and Technical Writer.  Tracey has a BA degree in Journalism and Marketing from Duquesne University.

We are excited about Tracey taking over the leadership role for both the Preschool and Youth Ministry.  Tracey is married to Dan and has 2 children Ryan and Sydney and they are members of Zion Lutheran church.

New Early Childhood 5-Year Old “Transition” Program Teacher - Peggy Glasser
We are please to announce that Peggy Glasser as been hired as the new Early Childhood 5-year old “Transition” Program teacher.  Peggy has over 33 years of experience in early childhood development.  Peggy was responsible for launching Zion’s original preschool ministry in the South Hills community.  Peggy also developed, taught and brings long with her a program for 5-year old “Transition Program”. Peggy has a BA degree in Elementary Education from Concordia College. 

We are excited about Peggy joining the outstanding preschool teachers/aides team.  Peggy is married to Tom and has 4 children Lee, Chad, April, and Aaron and are members of Ruthford Lutheran church.

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