Notes From the Preschool

The wondrous Spirit of Christmas is still with us as we head into a new year. Our lives are changed through Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection. Sin is forgiven and we spread the Good News and glorify and praise God. Our children at school praised God and spread His Word in song at their delightful Christmas Celebration, Happy Birthday Jesus! About three hundred students, parents, relatives, and friends attended the annual Christmas Program on December 16. The children practiced daily and did an outstanding job to the delight of the audience. After the program, the fellowship hall was very crowded with families sharing the joy of Christmas, stories of their outstanding children, and delicious cookies.

We were delighted to have Pastor Duncan in attendance. He is showing a much needed interest in your preschool. His presence in the school and at school functions is going a long way in knitting the church and school together. Thanks Pastor! We thank the school board and their families for all the help they gave in serving the refreshments at the program. And please thank the school staff for the extra time they gave in making the program possible. We would not be able to have a program without them. Thank the children’s families for supplying dozens and dozens of cookies. And, of course, thank you “kids.” You were great! We are now looking toward the second half of the school year. Registration will be underway within a few weeks for the coming 2011/2012 school year. The church and school will have first chance to register before we open to the general public. If you are interested in your child attending preschool next year, watch the Sunday bulletin for the time-frame to register. 

Happy New Year, keep warm, and praise God.

In His Service,
Carole Davis, Director