Recent Women's Bible Studies at Zion

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1. Genesis    Self-led by Alissa McLellan  
2. Exodus    Self-led by Alissa McLellan
3. Life Principles from the Women of the Bible (Wayne Barber, Eddie Rasnake, Richard Shepherd)
4. Calm My Anxious Heart (Linda Dillow)
5. Your Strong Suit (Donna Pyle)
6. Bless These Lips (Sharla Fritz)
7. Idol Lies (Dee Brestin)
8. Overflowing (Donna Pyle)

9. Ruth (Kelly Minter)

10. Galatians (John Stott)
11. Why Do You Believe That? (Mary Jo Sharp)
12. Beautiful Feet (Women’s Retreat) (Deb Burma)
13. What Love Is (Kelly Minter)

14. Chase (Jennie Allen)
15. Fight Back with Joy (Margaret Feinberg)
16. Seamless (Angie Smith)

17. All Things New (Kelly Minter)