Prayer Requests: Sunday February 26, 2017

The Church: 
For our homebound members:
Tom Bicusky, Ruth Miller, Jim Lynch, George and Florence Boehme, Lois Dittmer, Norm and Helen Erbrecht, Dorothy Smelko, Don Jones and Sam. 

Healing for:
Janet Hickey, Jack Oelschlager, Florence Boehme, Gloria Godfrey, Marian Siek, Sarah & Michael Erbrecht, Gladys Cimarol-li, Joyce Wood, Roxanne Burgh, Henry Dittmer, Cletus Kroeger, Ruth Miller, Lois Klemash, Irene Bourg, Nancy Spotti, Bob Rondinelli, Aly Mance, Robin Dunbar, Diane Scandolari, Ezra Hildebrand, Reggie Ford, Deana Thielet, Nancy Koester, Sammy’s Dad, Bruce Klemash, Vinny, Dave Hutula, Dom Santaguida and Milt Stiner. 

For our missionaries:
Especially the Naumanns, Lohmeyers, and Dukes. 

For all who care for loved ones with illnesses
For the ministry of Zion Lutheran Preschool 

Thankfulness for the forgiveness of sins and eternal life. 

The World: 
For an end to abortion and human trafficking. 
For the youth in our community. 

Our Nation: 
For those in Foster Care and those looking to adopt. 
For the disabled, unborn and aged. 
For those whose work is dangerous, especially Jared Fitzgerald. 
For godly care of the earth.