The Chairman's Report

Bee Hive of Activity
The dog days of summer are waning. Hopefully you've all seen some changes around the church as we move into autumn. The trustees were on the job all summer dealing with some needed projects like resurfacing the en-trance steps and the ceiling over the entrance to the church. A new sign was installed that will provide some di-rectional guidance and has room for growth if needed in the future. More painting was completed. The CCTV security system was totally upgraded so we have a good situational awareness as to what is happening on the property. The tree near the lot was removed because it was rotting from the inside-out and a potential hazard. Your stewardship made all this and more possible.

Your church facility is busy. The ECDP ministry is maxed out at over 185 children! Additionally, we are leasing some space to an Extended Daycare Service who have about 50 additional students in the building. Hopefully, during Chapel services these impressionable souls will have a seed planted that might grow and provide the "armor" necessary to help them live with the Lord in their hearts. It's all about "hearing" and believing---growing the church.

On the weekend of September 15th, we're going to be visited by Pastor Wokoma who is on the front lines in Africa on behalf of our Lutheran Church here on this Earth. Please save that date and attend church to hear this man speak and worship with us. He will be witnessing to us on behalf of his calling to take the Great Commission to the masses and spread the Good Word in a far away place. This man has chosen a winding road, difficult to navi-gate and treacherous. He will make straight the way of the Lord and let's pray the foe shall always be behind this Christian Soldier. He deserves our support and love. Let's stand with him.

September 8th is Rally Day---yet another opportunity to celebrate the beginning of another season of ministry and love toward the future of the church. I heard there is a really interesting video that will be shown to help celebrate the day. Curious? Plan on seeing it...

Paul Klemish.jpg

Before you know it, September will have come and gone. The holiday season will be upon us. There are quite a few things coming your way before winter is over, so, stay tuned. Watch the Newsletters, bulletins, eBlasts and come to the Voter's Meetings.

Let's all give thanks for the waning summer and the dawn of autumn. Let's hope and pray for continued success in providing for our needs at Zion and especially for the opportunity that our ministries provide to teach and preach Christ crucified to any ears that will hear---and believe.