The Chairman’s Corner


What's On Your Mind?

Please take the time to respond to the survey you hopefully received in the mail. Your opinions and thoughts are important. Return them promptly so your Council can immediately begin to consider the thoughts and opinions you've expressed.

On June 30th, we will conduct a Special Voter's Meeting to consider and approve the Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Budget which begins on July 1st. The Budget is the only order of business so consider attending to be informed as to how your church is proposing to carry out the missions we support and provide for the welfare of the church and staff. Your stewardship and your love for this organization is appreciated.

Every so often the question arises as to why our Fiscal Year, (FY), runs from July 1st to June 30th each year. This decision is due primarily to the fact that the Pre-School side of the Budget is such that expenses and income associated with that program are primarily "accounted for", or, "marked" during the school year. By July of each year we know with a high degree of accuracy what to expect with regard to the school side of the ledger and hence, we have a high confidence in our cash management from that point, (July), through the next 12 months. That FY set-up has served us very well from a management perspective. I realize when you look at the Financial Secretary data you're looking at a Calendar Year, (CY), data set, which can be difficult to compare with the FY Budget ledg-ers. However, the Financial data associated with our church stewardship in the envelopes you are putting in the offering plates is maintained in the Calendar Year format due to the necessity for that information to be useful to you for your taxes each year if you itemize for the IRS.

In closing, let me thank you for your love for our church and your stewardship that makes our church function here on this planet. the Church Triumphant, we won't have a budget to manage. Someday...we won't have to toss an envelope into a collection plate. Until then, let's "run the race" and pass the test with hearts that "cheerfully give" the time, talent and treasure Zion needs to fight as a Church Militant in the battles for souls the Holy Spirit desires to fill---just as in that first Pentecost.