Chairman’s Corner

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Let's talk. Let's "communicate"...

Communication. How important is it? Do we always communicate effectively? How can we improve the channels of communication in our lives? How critically important is communication? Considering the Bible from which we derive our religious tenants and purpose, communication seems very important. God's "Word" inspired and written for us is certainly a supreme effort to provide us with the means to "hear" the messages He has for us. Our services and opportunities to study that Word, coupled with the spoken words from our Pastor, are all efforts to communicate religious messages. Our prayers of thanks, praise and any re-quests in prayer are ways in which we reach out in trust and faith to have our voices heard by the Lord.

Without effective communication I doubt any of us can optimize our potential with regard to a successful life or career in this world. In some respects, poor communication can lead to serious consequences depending upon the circumstances. Communication in productive discourse is a two-way street, otherwise, the communication can become dictatorial, one-sided and fall upon deaf ears. If people want to work well together to achieve common goals they need to be communicating well among themselves. Recall we're all "members" of this church and we're all on a Christian "mission" while also in fellowship with one another. What does that mean to you...?

Sometime this month, you will receive a survey consisting of some questions. Please help your leadership at Zion to hear your voice by answering and returning this survey as soon as possible. Hopefully, the Member-ship system is up-to-date enough to reach out to all our members. If you don't receive a survey by Memorial Day, please contact the church office so we can send you one.

Hopefully you all enjoyed the Lenten and Easter services. Here comes Pentecost and the Holy Spirit. Being baptized, the miracle of receiving the Holy Spirit as a gift is our blessing. Let's ask ourselves---having received such a wondrous gift, just what are we going to do with it? Is this "gift" meant to be hidden and put on a dusty shelf, or should we boldly proclaim it and share the Good News? If our assigned "mission" is to "minister" and fulfill the Great Commission, it's all about communicating the Word. How do you see that happening here at Zion? What part are you willing to play?

— Paul Klemash