Chairman’s Corner

Paul Klemash

Paul Klemash

A Bunch of Militants...

The Church Militant. That is who WE were CHOSEN TO BE. We're members of an army of Christian soldiers fighting the good fight against the "foe" as Luther might have written. Here at our church, we want people to hear the Good News and "hearing it" is really a key concept in planting the seed for the Great Commission. By "hearing" the Word, the Holy Spirit is planted and miracles happen. We're fighting the foe with the Truth, the Light and the Word.

Our Militant stewardship supports our ministry, our missions. In the Preschool, Sunday School and Youth Group the battle for young minds is engaged where our Preschool and Sunday School war against the foe throughout the year. Pastor's Preschool Chapel Services and various Bible Classes provides the "armor" of the Word to both our members and non-members. The Church Militant stands in the way of the foe, unwavering. Our mission is to fight the foe and stand together as we hold high the cross, and we're fighting on more than one front.

In Africa, the Church Militant fights night and day for the millions of souls hungering for the Word. When Pastor Wokoma visits us this summer, please be sure to come to see and hear his testimony---news that you helped create as a Church Militant, supporting him in the fight. Rejoice at the victories and double down in the fight for souls. Stay tuned as we move to help Russian LCMS missions who are waging their own fight against a well-entrenched foe.

We are far removed from the front lines of Africa and Russia, yet the call to battle and the cries for help are clear and present. The Church Militant is called to engage and resist the foe regardless how near or far the conflicts. Let us encourage and support each other as we fight the good fight. We're a group of soldiers, but, not just any soldiers. We are the Church Militant and as the ark went before the Hebrews, so shall Christ go before us into the fray, during these days and at the last battle. With Christ we shall never taste defeat---a Church Triumphant awaits! Onward Christian Soldiers!!! Again, you were CHOSEN to be a Militant. We are all baptized into this army for a reason. It is no accident we are: Christians!!! Lutherans. Alive.

Lent and Easter are upon us. The Triumph of Easter is the Christian message! Easter is who we are and what our religion is all about. Celebrate! That's what we'll be doing in our Lenten and Easter Season services. Let's pack the church with all the Militants we can at every service! The price is paid! Salvation is created! The victory won! All Glory, Laud and Honor!

Paul Klemash
Chairman, Zion Lutheran Church, Bridgeville