Midweek Lenten Services begin March 13th

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Our theme is: “Behold the man!” 
Pilate’s command to the crowd at Jesus’ crucifixion speaks an incredible truth—Jesus was indeed man. More specifically, He was God and man, an eternal being inhabiting a human body. 

Jesus had a body. He had a nose. Knees. Toes. Bones. Fingerprints. He hungered, prayed, and bled. He had a mother, He drank wine, He was bap-tized. 

This Lenten season, behold the man—the man who suffered, died, and rose again. The man who lived a perfect life and defeated death. The man whose death led to your life. 

Midweek Lenten Services
Begin March 13th.
Join us at 7:00 p.m.