Woman's Bible Study


Mary and Martha – Surprised by God’s Priorities 

  1. For believers in every era, only one thing is ultimately important: learning, knowing, understanding, and believing God’s love for us in Jesus Christ. 

  2. For the benefit of His disciples then and now, Jesus resurrected Lazarus from the dead to demonstrate His power as the Son of God, “so that you may believe.” 

  3. Mary was enraptured by God’s Word not because she was morally superior to or more spiritual than her sister Martha, but rather-- when led by the Holy Spirit-- she appeared to see clearly the deep neediness in her own soul for the Good News of God’s forgiveness and grace. 

  4. Jesus set a new standard of treatment for women by approving and encouraging their study of His message and mission. 

The Crippled Woman -- Surprised by God's Justice 

  1. The crippled woman’s disability was wrongly believed to be punishment from God, but Jesus Himself stated “Satan bound her.” 

  2. Jesus emphasizes that when someone has a problem and others can help, they are obligated to do so immediately—regardless of the letter of the Mosaic Law. 

  3. Jesus calls the crippled woman a “daughter of Abraham,” clearly defining her value as a person of worth and dignity regardless of her disabil-ity. 

  4. We are all “disabled” by both original and actual sin.