Unity Lutheran Community Mission

If You Care, Please Share
Forty-three years ago, I began working with children as a teacher in St. Louis, Missouri. The area in which I worked was considered one of the most "high-crime" ridden neighborhoods of the country. This urban neighborhood was infamously known as Pruitt Igoe (aka public housing) and was comprised of 33 buildings (11 stories each) set upon 57 acres of land.

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It was there that I noticed that the children in this urban community were being egregiously abused by parents, and some would say left behind by our government. Sadly, even now, 43 years later, the situation has gone from bad to worse because many of our children are hurting mentally, physically, and spiritually. I recently read a report, which really bothered me, stating that in America in 2018, 13 million children go to bed hungry every night. It is unconscionable in this day and age that this is going on but I can attest to it because day after day some of my children in our Outreach Ministry at Unity are going to bed hungry. The question that comes to my mind is this - Do we as people really care about our children? If we do care, then please share.

When Alaska experienced a terrible earthquake a few years ago, the governor's wife reported that many letters of request came to the governor's mansion inquiring about the safety and whereabouts of friends and family. But only one letter received deeply touched her heart. It was from a 10-year-old boy in the Midwest who enclosed two nickels and a note saying "If you need more than this, please let me know".

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The young man was ready to share because he cared and this very attitude hits right in the heart of Christian stewardship. It is because of a caring love that we are willing to share what we have. We really care about spreading the Gospel, so we share. We really care about human need, so we share. We really care about young people, so we share. We really care about ministries in our community, so we share. We really care about our church, so we share.

God cares for us. He cares so much that Jesus died on the cross for us and He continues to care for us day after day. Our response to His love should be our love. And we express our Christian love by caring for others. So, if you really care - really, really care, then please share. We are inviting you to join us and share by making a donation to Unity Lutheran Church.

Rev. Reholma McCants