Kids in the Divine Service: Do Lutherans honor and remember the saints?


Do Lutherans honor and remember the saints?
Yes. Remembering and honoring the saints is very “Lutheran.” God’s Word and the Lutheran Confessions teach that remembering and honoring the saints is a great thing to do.

Why is it such a great thing to do?
The Apology of the Augsburg Confession, which explains what Lutherans believe, teaches that we honor the saints for three reasons. 1 Thanksgiving. When we honor the saints, we thank God for “showing (his people) examples of his mercy, revealing his will to save men, and giving teachers and other gifts to the church.” 2 Strengthening our faith. When we see how our Lord forgives the saints, we are “encouraged to believe that grace does abound more than sin.”(Do you remember when Peter, one of the disciples, denied Jesus three times? Even the Apostles sinned and received forgiveness.) 3 “the imitation, first of their faith and then of their other virtues …” We pray that God would keep us as strong in the faith as they were!


Explain to your children that we are not praying to the saints; we are simply honoring them on a special day in the Church Year. Remind them that, when we die, we will be with our Lord in heaven, which is where the saints are right now!