Women's Bible Study


Zion’s Women’s Bible Study
All are welcome! 
Thursday’s at 7:00 p.m. 
Weekly stand-alone study! 
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SESSION ONE Takeaways:
Elizabeth - Family Member, Friend, and Mentor 
1. To endure the taunts of a godless society, Satan, and our own sinful natures: 
We will trust while we wait, for our God is never late! 

2. Both Mary and Elizabeth (her cousin or aunt) recognized and rejoiced in their miraculous pregnancies: one was the Immaculate Concep-tion of Jesus, the other the conception of John the Baptist to a much older, barren woman. 

3. Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, was the first person to recognize and acknowledge that the baby in Mary's womb was the long-awaited Savior Himself, the very Son of God! 

SESSION TWO Takeaways:
Mary - Surprised by God's Humility 

1. As the mother of Jesus, Mary's life was at times rewarding, surprising, confusing, and difficult. 
2. Mary had an extensive knowledge of Old Testament history. The Holy Spirit had been at work in her heart through His word causing faith and hope - and this same Spirit would use her in teaching Jesus. 
3. God's gentleness, revealed most fully in His plan of salvation through Jesus, has made us great!