What is “Matins”? (part 10 of 22)


What is “Matins”? 
Today we receive our Lord’s gracious gifts through the Order of Matins. The word “Matins” comes from the Latin word “matutinus” which means “of the morning.” Matins is a service of prayer that is used by the Church in the morning. 

Why do we use the Order of Matins? 
The Order of Matins has been used by Christians since almost the beginning of Christianity. At the beginning of the day, Christians prayed the Order of Matins because it started their day off right! You can use the Order of Matins too! When you wake up in the morning, grab your hymnal and try it. What better way than to begin each morning deep in God’s wonderful Word? If you’re not sure how to do it, then ask your pastor. He’d be glad to help you!

It can be quite easy for children to learn and enjoy the liturgy of the Church when a parent shows them how. Children rely upon routines in their lives, which are put in place by parents. Matins can become a part of the morning devotional routine at your house.