What is the “Prayer of the Church”? (part 2 of 22)


What is the “Prayer of the Church”?
The Prayer of the Church (or the “Prayers”) is the time of the service when the pastor leads the congregation in a series of petitions, or prayers. Each prayer is introduced by a “bid,” an invitation to the congregation to join in each of these prayers. The bid is not part of the prayer, but it gathers the congregation’s thoughts together and directs them toward the specific petitions and thanksgivings that we are about to pray.

Why is this so important?
Do you know anyone who needs God’s care? During the Prayers, we pray for all the people of our congregation, particularly those who are sick and shut-in. We also pray for our government, for all believers and many others. No wonder it is called the Prayer of the Church!

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Before the Divine Service, remind your children to pay close attention to the words of the prayers. Encourage them to concentrate along with the rest of the congregation. Try using bids in your family prayers.