Notes from Preschool

Notes from Preschool
Happy March! I’m afraid to say it, but I think Spring is right around the corner….shhh….don’t let winter know that. I know the children are ready to get outside and play on the new playground!! Hurry up Spring!

Registration continues to go very well. We are just about full! We do still have room in our Stepping Stones class (5 year olds). The Stepping Stones class is for those children who are not quite ready for Kindergarten yet. If you know anyone interested, please have them call me at the Church, I would be happy to give them the details.

We will be celebrating Lutheran Schools Week in March. Teachers are making preparations for “Dads and Donuts”, pajama day, and funny Friday. So if you happen to visit our school that week, don’t be surprised if you see our staff running around in their PJ’s and fuzzy slippers, (this would be their attire of choice every day!), it’s all part of our celebration.

March is also the month that we focus on the color green…may all of the green remind us that Spring is coming! We also talk about St. Patrick’s Day. We explain that the shamrock, a plant with three parts to its leaf like a 3 leaf clover, is like the Trinity. Even though the leaf has three parts, it is still one leaf, as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are three in one God.

Just like the leaves on each Shamrock I see,
There are three parts to the Holy Trinity.
First is God the Father, then Jesus, His only Son,
And the Holy Spirit together as ONE.

And what a great way to lead into Easter… we will finish March celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am looking forward to doing Chapel with the children this month. I will have the children open up an Easter Egg filled with something that helps to recreate the story of the resurrection, and then put all the pieces together. My hope is that the children will be able to re-tell the story to their family and friends (even if it’s just a small piece of the story).