Pastor's Message (from the Sunday Bulletin)

Pastor's Message (from the Sunday Bulletin)
Alissa and I have an advantage over most of you this Christmas SeasonOur son, Thomas, has nothing to compare this Christmas to. He has no expectations. And therefore, we have no bar to raise. He has no idea what's coming on December 25th; and we don't have to worry about him thinking "this is the worst Christmas ever."

This morning, our text is taken from our Bible in a Year readings this last week, specifically the last verses of Matthew 24. Jesus is talking about what it is going to be like when he comes the second time. And, unlike Thomas this Christmas, there will be expectations for Jesus. Based on what he accomplished with his first-coming, his second-coming has a tough act to follow. The bar is high for our Lord who is coming soon!

We are going to spend time looking at what Jesus says his secondcoming will be like and see how it compares with his first-coming. Some things you will see are similar, some are markedly different. But I hope you will come away believing that, as good as Jesus' first-coming was, his second-coming will be better in many ways for those who are in Christ and believe in him.

God be with you and your family as you prepare you hearts to welcome the newborn King from Bethlehem!

-Pastor Duncan