Pastor's October Mesage from the Newsletter

Pastor's October Mesage from the Newsletter
This is the new slogan for the LCMS, the Synod to which we belong. I like the new slogan. It properly delineates three aspects of the Christian life that are shared by all who are in Christ. We are all called to witness to the love of God in Christ Jesus; we are all called to love our neighbor and care for the body of Christ; and none of us is an island of faith unto him or herself, we are in Christ together.

As to the last aspect of this new slogan: LIFE TOGETHER, I want to draw your attention to what we, as members (and long-term guests and friends) of Zion are doing and have done as part of our “Life Together.”

In the last year, we have supported the Bridgeville Food Bank, the Pittsburgh Community Lutheran High School, Lutherans for Life, Lutheran World Relief, a family whose son passed away from cancer, a church worker who had cancer, a member of our congregation going into the teaching ministry of the church, and supporting the set-up of a new preschool classroom right here at Zion. This is not to toot our proverbial horn, as if we have done monumentally more than other congregations bearing our Savior’s name, but rather is a sure sign that the Lord is working through us to change and save lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We have also been blessed to support a camp that proclaims Christ by helping out with a special needs camp they held last summer as well as landscaping a nature trail for their future guests to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. We are supporting our District’s camping ministry (Camp Pioneer) so that children, adults and families can escape the hustle and bustle of daily living to a place where the name of Christ is spoken and his Gospel proclaimed for much needed spiritual, physical and mental refreshment. We also supported the on-going work of the Pastoral Leadership Institute to train existing pastors to be missional leaders in their congregations with a view to reaching more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please pray for our continued “Life Together” at Zion; that the Lord would give us the privilege of being used by Him in the work of his kingdom.

In Christ,
Pastor Duncan