A Cappella and Chamber Choir (Reminder)

Concert Saturday March 26th

If you've seen the Lutheran Northwest High School A Cappella and Chamber Choirs before, then I'm sure you'll be here for their return performance ... and bring a friend. They're that good!

Relating to the show, housing is needed for 55 young people (10th-12th grade) who are coming to town from Lutheran Northwest High School in Rochester Hills, Michigan on March 26 and will need homes to stay in. This choir will be performing at the church Saturday night (7pm) and Sunday morning (during the worship service). Interested in playing host? Contact Pastor Duncan or the church office! 

FREE (WILL) SACRED CONCERT featuring the A Cappella and Chamber Choirs from Lutheran Northwest High School, Rochester Hills, Michigan on Saturday, March 26th at 7:00 pm at Zion Lutheran Church. You are invited to come and listen as music is used to express the powerful message of the Gospel!