What is “prayer”? (part 11 of 22)

What is “prayer”? 
Have you ever wanted to talk to God? Well, guess what … you can! God promises to hear and answer us when we pray. Because we want to concentrate on what we are praying and who we are praying to, we may close our eyes, fold our hands and bow our heads so that we are not distracted by the things around us. You don’t have to do all that, though. You can pray anywhere and at anytime. 

What should we pray for? 
We not only ask God for what we need, but we praise and thank Him for what He has already given us. If you want to, you can pray to God just to talk to him. We pray especially that God would keep us strong in our faith, and that He might bring others to faith too. 

Are there different types of prayer? 
There are many different types of prayer. Much of our worship is prayers, including the Confession, the Agnus Dei, and the Post-Communion Canticle. You can find prayers for different times and needs on pages 305–18 in Lutheran Service Book.

Parents: Direct your child to the different prayers in our worship. (For example The Prayer of the Church) Turn to pages 327 in Lutheran Service Book. Read through Luther’s Morning and Evening Prayers. Try using them at home with your children when they wake up in the morning and before they go to bed at night.

Martin Luther: The Idea That Changed The World

Martin Luther: The Idea That Changed The World
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